One of the most well known and sought after Production Supervisors/Managers/Coordinators in the Northwest, Zita works locally, nationally, and internationally on commercials and features. By helping to create a pleasant and efficient work environment with her great attitude, friendly nature, organizational skills, knowledge of the industry, and familiarity with crews and locations both locally and abroad, Zita is invaluable to those she works for. Zita also brings a unique skill to international projects with her fluency in Cantonese.

Zita was born and raised in Hong Kong until she moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. Her mother was an actress, and her step father was an Editor and Director. She married Eugene Mazzola in 1970 and started a family before moving to the Seattle area in 1980. As a stay at home mother of three, Zita was extremely involved in PTA and other local community groups. As their three children got older Zita started to work in the Production Industry and quickly became entrenched in the Seattle film industry. Zita has proven time and time again that she is an incredible asset to any project she is involved with.